I am Katrin Manouchehri, Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) certified by Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) with Ph.D. in educational psychology, M.A in counselling, B.A in midwifery, and diploma of addiction recovery for youth and family. Maybe, you are surprised now! Yes, I had an interesting and challenging journey in education.

While I was studying midwifery as an undergraduate student, I found my deep passion about psychological topics and recognized my ability to establish rapport with pregnant women and their family members, so to enter the counselling field, I had passed a lot of prerequisites and optional courses in psychology. Therefore, I made my mind to prepare for Master’s entrance exam in the counselling major and I ranked first among the 5,407 candidates in 2002.

During my Master’s program, I was so lucky to work under supervision of Dr. Tayebeh Zandipour, who was graduated from the UCLA University, one of the most knowledgeable professors of Iran in the counselling field. I also ranked first among all counselling graduate cohorts of Alzahra University in 2006. In line with my background in midwifery and passion about psychology, I chose an interdisciplinary topic for my Master’s thesis, titled “The Study of the Effects of Group Counselling with Cognitive Emotion Behaviour Theory on the Mental Health of Infertile Women”.

  After graduation, I have worked as a full-time psychotherapist, and a part-time university instructor for a couple of years. Then, I pursued Ph.D. in educational psychology at Kharazmi university, one the well-known universities in Iran in this field. I switched to this program to deeply study about the improvement of the learning process as an important part of human’s life. My Ph.D thesis was again on an interdisciplinary topic connecting my background experiences in different fields. My doctorate thesis was about “The Link between Cognitive Load Theory and Emotions: The Effect of Training of Reappraise and Labeling on Nursing Students’ Anxiety, Cognitive Load and Learning”.

After immigration to Canada during COVID 19 outbreak, I had to quickly find a job, although I continued to consult my clients via virtual sessions. So, I earned a diploma in Addiction Recovery for Youth and Family from CDI College in Canada as a field with more job opportunities at the time. This program helped me level up my knowledge and experiences in the fields of addiction, family issues, cultural diversity, and subcultural issues especially about Canadian communities, and also, provided me with more job opportunities.

Regarding my work experience, I have worked more than 17 years in the field of counselling and psychotherapy (individual, group, and family therapy). The associated activities include in-taking assessment, treatment planning, appropriate intervention, referral, advocacy, as well as holding different relevant workshops as a psychology lecturer. Based on the feedback of my clients over the past years, my therapy sessions were highly helpful in treatment of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. I could also assist my clients to solve their individual, family, or social conflicts and achieve great level of self-development. 

My approach in psychotherapy has mainly been CBT and choice therapy after establishing rapport based on client-centered therapy strategies, although I believe that expert psychotherapists should practice and apply various approaches enabling them to examine and manage the cases from different perspectives. Hence, I have also involved motivational interview, SFT, DBT, EFT, Gestalt therapy, family therapy, group therapy, logotherapy, and existential approaches and passed trainings in neurology and neuro-feedback therapy. It should also be mentioned that Confidentiality and Ethical Codes are critical parts of my work.

In advance, I am so grateful for putting your trust in our team.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Kindly Regards,